City of Goodyear: Empowering Residents with Flume to Reduce Residential Water Use by 14%
In 2022, the City of Goodyear, Arizona, partnered with Flume to equip residents with a pivotal tool that revolutionizes how residential water ismanaged, saved, and conserved.
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Residential Water Use in the Colorado River Basin: Insights from Flume Data
In this report, we explore what residential water use looks like in the Colorado River Basin today, how that has evolved over time, and how water agencies and utilities can use insights to meet conservation goals
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Marin Municipal Water District: Using Real-Time Data to Manage Drought
Leveraging Flume Data Labs to better understand real-time water use, advance customer experience, improve utility planning, and manage drought.
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Municipal Water District of Orange County
Using end-use data to improve utility planning, build future programs, and comply with state regulations.
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Rainbow Municipal Water District: Better Data at a Lower Cost. Using Flume to Go Beyond AMI
In addition to being a substantially cost-competitive solution, Flume also offered better water use insights than AMI alone, providing granular water use and leak detection information down-to-the-minute with zero delay.
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