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Meet Flume Utility & Business Solutions, the leader in residential water data analytics and consumption intelligence. We’re here to equip you with the most advanced technology and insights into residential water use available.

Intelligent Decisions Start With Data

At Flume Utility & Business Solutions, we specialize in delivering comprehensive residential water data analytics to entities tasked with creating a sustainable water future. With access to the most granular level of residential water data available, we’re proud to call ourselves the leaders in residential water data. 

Our team of data experts meticulously analyzes residential water consumption, going beyond conventional water data to provide an unprecedented level of insight into residential water use. 

The Device Behind the Data

The magic behind Flume Utility & Business Solutions comes from analyzing real-time data from our vast network of Flume Water Monitors. This revolutionary device is placed on top of residential water meters, capturing precise data at 5-second intervals without interfering with meter performance. 

Our device goes beyond simple consumption readings, offering users 24/7 instant leak detection, detailed breakdowns of indoor vs. outdoor usage and insights into specific water appliances. With tens of thousands of Flume Water Monitors nationwide, we digitize and disaggregate over 11 million gallons of residential water use daily to bring you unprecedented water data analytics.

Who we Work With

Our cutting-edge residential water analytics platform offers dynamic solutions to a diverse range of organizations, including water utilities, water wholesalers, regional agencies, governments, insurance companies, and more. With a strong focus on areas facing water scarcity, we bring our expertise to support and empower water agencies across the nation in all areas of water management.

Water Agencies
Insurance Companies
State Government Agencies
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Why Leading Businesses and Water Agencies Love Flume

As a wholesale water provider, we don’t have access to customer level data, so this data was foundational to comparing our actual water use to the evolving water use efficiency standards promulgated by the state of California.
Joe Berg
Director of Water Use Efficiency, Municipal Water District of Orange County
In our program with Flume, we can offer our customers who want it much better information (every minute rather than every hour) at a very small fraction of the cost of traditional AMI. Better yet, we don’t have to increase staff time telling people that they have leaks - Flume lets them know instantly.
Tom Kennedy
General Manager,
Rainbow Municipal Water District
Gaining insight into how customers are consuming our product is invaluable. It’s not just about water consumption, but how customers respond to outreach and messaging, such as mandatory irrigation schedules.
Nate Adams
Director of Water Resiliency and Customer Relations, Santa Margarita Water District

Working Together to Address Water Sustainability

The challenges posed by water scarcity, climate change, and population growth demand innovative solutions. Flume Utility & Business Solutions is committed to supporting water utilities, businesses, and other organizations in their quest for a sustainable water future. With our advanced technology and expert insights, we empower you to make informed decisions, increase business profitability, reduce waste, and shape a greener, water-conscious world.