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Flume Data Labs uses real-time data monitoring to collect and understand how residential water is used. We provide this crucial data to water providers, insurance providers, brands, state and regional planning agencies.

Intelligent Decisions Start With Data

Flume Data Labs provides you with comprehensive analytics into residential water usage using the most granular water data available.

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Water Demand Insight Beyond AMI

Flume Data Labs provides a level of data resolution and insight never seen before. Our nationwide network of sensors collect residential water use data at 5 second intervals. This level of granularity allows us to provide you with detailed analysis of how water is used down to the fixture level.

Understand the efficiency of residential appliances and fixtures
Visualize the flow rates of water meters
Know exactly where water is used, inside and out

Real-Time Insights for Smarter Decisions

Take the guesswork out of planning. Flume Data Labs provides you with an in-depth picture of residential water use in your community to help you make smarter decisions.

Planning and Forecasting

Plan and forecast using actual indoor and outdoor water use trends, and more.


Assess compliance with state and federal water regulations

Program Assessment

Develop dynamic programming in response to changing water conditions


Customers that have achieved their goals

As a wholesale water provider, we don’t have access to customer level data, so this data was foundational to comparing our actual water use to the evolving water use efficiency standards promulgated by the state of California.
Joe Berg
Director of Water Use Efficiency, Municipal Water District of Orange County
Flume Data Labs provides ongoing information that helps us refine our conservation programs and offerings based on fixture efficiency in each of our regions.
Matt Puffer
Water Use Efficiency Department, Golden State Water Company
Gaining insight into how customers are consuming our product is invaluable. It’s not just about water consumption, but how customers respond to outreach and messaging, such as mandatory irrigation schedules.
Nate Adams
Director of Water Resiliency and Customer Relations, Santa Margarita Water District

Find Out What You Can Do With Flume Data Labs 

Flume Data Labs is the only cost-effective solution for a detailed understanding of local residential water use. In the past, the only way to get this level of detail was to commission an expensive and cumbersome end use study that only represented a small window into residential water use and took years to complete. Even water providers that have invested in AMI systems can not visualize detailed water use down to the fixture level.

The most granular data available, disaggregated into any and all water using appliances.
Ongoing data collection and analysis across years, quarters, and seasons.
No need to wait - Flume Data Labs has networks of sensors deployed in residential homes across the nation.
Vital inputs to ensure accurate planning, forecasting, and program management.