Visualize high-resolution residential water use

Plan for the future

Flume Data Labs provides key inputs to planning and forecasting exercises including indoor and outdoor water use trends. Flume can answer key questions such as:

How much water do households use, indoors and out?
How does irrigation change by season?
When are people using the most/least water (peak demand)?
How much water will a new 2500 sq. ft. tract home use?
How does home value, size and age affect indoor water use?

Comply with regulations

Many water providers are facing increasing compliance regulations from state and federal agencies. Flume can help organizations assess their compliance status and answer questions such as:

How much water is wasted on leakage within the home?
What percentage of water is being used for irrigation?
How does household water use (indoors and out) compare to state regulations?
How many water softeners are in my service area and how much effluent do they discharge?

Assess success of current programs 

Many entities are developing conservation programs and drought planning in response to changing water conditions. Flume Data Labs can help organizations assess the efficacy of their utility programming by answering:

Are households using water efficiently?
Do drought restrictions work?
What percentage of households have efficient toilets, showerheads or washing machines?
Do conservation programs work? Is it valuable to fund toilet replacements? 
Do water efficient products (i.e. dishwasher detergent) save water?

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Getting Water Data in Your Hands is as Easy as 1-2-3


Flume Data Labs can analyze water use data from any geography, such as within a water utility boundary, state, county, city or zip code. Chances are, there are already enough sensors installed to do a detailed analysis of the water use in your specific area.


Flume Data Lab sensors collect water use data every 5 seconds. Using Machine Learning, Flume Data Labs is able to disaggregate this data into its component parts (such as toilets, showers, clothes washers, etc.).


Flume Data Labs will deliver the water use analysis in the form of an online, interactive dashboard. The dashboard can be refreshed quarterly, so that you can better understand how water use changes over time. 


Customers that have achieved their goals

As a wholesale water provider, we don’t have access to customer level data, so this data was foundational to comparing our actual water use to the evolving water use efficiency standards promulgated by the state of California.
Joe Berg
Director of Water Use Efficiency, Municipal Water District of Orange County
Flume Data Labs provides ongoing information that helps us refine our conservation programs and offerings based on fixture efficiency in each of our regions.
Matt Puffer
Water Use Efficiency Department, Golden State Water Company
Gaining insight into how customers are consuming our product is invaluable. It’s not just about water consumption, but how customers respond to outreach and messaging, such as mandatory irrigation schedules.
Nate Adams
Director of Water Resiliency and Customer Relations, Santa Margarita Water District